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Sublimation Shrink Wrap 100pcs/pack

Sublimation Shrink Wrap 100pcs/pack

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20 oz

Introducing our Sublimation Shrink Wrap, a convenient and versatile solution for sublimating your designs onto 20 oz or 30 oz tumblers. These shrink wraps come in a pack of 100, offering ample supply for your sublimation projects.

The Sublimation Shrink Wrap is made from high-quality white shrink film specifically designed for sublimation processes. The white color provides a neutral and vibrant background for your designs, ensuring that the sublimated prints stand out beautifully.

The shrink wraps are specifically sized to fit 20 oz or 30 oz tumblers, providing a snug and secure fit. The film conforms to the shape of the tumbler during the sublimation process, allowing for full coverage of your designs and ensuring a professional finish

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