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Sublimation Fatty Tumbler With Lid and Handle 22 oz

Sublimation Fatty Tumbler With Lid and Handle 22 oz

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The Sublimation Fatty Tumbler with Lid and Handle is a versatile and popular drinkware item that allows for customization through sublimation printing. Here are the key features and benefits of this tumbler:

  1. Design: The tumbler has a "fatty" design, typically meaning it has a wide and stout shape. This design is popular for its comfortable grip and larger capacity, making it suitable for holding a generous amount of liquid.

  2. Material: The tumbler is made of stainless steel, which offers durability, resistance to corrosion, and is easy to clean. Stainless steel is also an excellent material for sublimation printing, allowing for vibrant and long-lasting designs.

  3. Sublimation Printing: The tumbler's surface is suitable for sublimation printing, meaning you can apply custom designs, logos, images, or text to personalize each tumbler uniquely.

  4. Capacity: The tumbler typically has a 22 oz (ounces) capacity, making it suitable for holding a substantial amount of liquid, whether it's hot or cold.

  5. Double-Walled and Insulated: The tumbler features a double-walled construction, which provides excellent insulation. This means it can keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for extended periods, allowing you to enjoy your beverages at the desired temperature for longer.

  6. Lid and Handle: The tumbler comes with a lid, which helps prevent spills and maintains the temperature of the drink. The addition of a handle provides a comfortable grip for ease of use, especially when the tumbler contains hot beverages.

  7. Versatility: The tumbler is designed to hold both hot and cold drinks, making it suitable for use with a wide range of beverages, such as coffee, tea, water, juice, or iced beverages.

  8. Personalization: Sublimation printing allows you to add any design or artwork of your choice to the tumbler, making it an excellent option for personalized gifts, promotional items, or customized merchandise.

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