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Sublimation Frosted Glass 3 oz

Sublimation Frosted Glass 3 oz

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Introducing our Sublimation Frosted Glass 3 oz Shot Glass, a stylish and customizable accessory for enjoying your favorite spirits. This shot glass is specifically designed for sublimation printing, allowing you to personalize it with vibrant colors, intricate designs, logos, or personalized artwork.

The Sublimation Frosted Glass Shot Glass features a frosted glass exterior that provides a unique and elegant appearance. The sublimation-ready surface allows for high-quality prints that result in detailed and long-lasting images, ensuring a personalized and eye-catching shot glass experience.

The 3 oz size is perfect for serving standard shots of your preferred spirits or liqueurs. The glass is durable and designed to withstand repeated use, making it suitable for both personal enjoyment and commercial applications.


Sublimation temp and time : 360F ,120S -150s


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