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Sublimation Snow globe Storyboard Tumbler 20 oz

Sublimation Snow globe Storyboard Tumbler 20 oz

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White Sublimation Blank Storyboard

Introducing our blank Sublimation Storyboard Tumbler or Snow Globe Tumbler, a unique and customizable accessory that combines functionality with creativity. This 20 oz tumbler is designed to be a DIY snow globe, allowing you to personalize it with your own designs and create a mesmerizing snow globe effect.

The Sublimation Storyboard Tumbler/Snow Globe Tumbler features a plastic exterior with a stainless steel interior. The plastic exterior provides a clear and transparent surface, allowing you to showcase your designs and create your own personalized snow globe. The stainless steel interior helps to keep your beverages hot or cold for extended periods.

For hot and cold drinks

Ratio for the water and glycerin used for snow globe is 1:1

Available in White Blank Sublimation and Silver Blank Sublimation

Storyboard Process:



1. Wrap with sublimation printer paper 

2. Heat in the oven for 3.5 minutes at 160 C turn over once

3. Sublimate


Glue 2 layers


1. Prepare epoxy

2. Pour epoxy into the gap

3. put on the plastic layer 

4. Put on heavy object on it. Place it for 24 hrs


Snow Globe

1.Pour in glitter

2. Pour in liquid

3. Apply a round transparent tape to the hole

4. Apply UV resin 

5. UV light 2 minutes

6. Completed



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