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Sublimation Can Cooler 16 oz

Sublimation Can Cooler 16 oz

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The Sublimation Can Cooler you described is a versatile and practical drinkware accessory that offers both hot and cold insulation capabilities. Here are the key features and benefits of this product:

  1. Design: The can cooler is specifically designed to fit standard 16 oz (ounces) cans or bottles. Its double-walled construction ensures excellent insulation for both hot and cold beverages.

  2. Material: The can cooler is made of insulated stainless steel, which provides superior temperature retention. Stainless steel is a durable and long-lasting material, making the can cooler ideal for various environments and usage scenarios.

  3. Insulation: The double-walled design of the can cooler helps keep hot drinks warm and cold beverages cold for extended periods. It prevents external temperatures from affecting the temperature of the drink inside.

  4. Sublimation Printing: The exterior surface of the can cooler is suitable for sublimation printing. This allows you to personalize and customize the can cooler with various designs, logos, images, or text using the sublimation process.

  5. Secure Grip: The can cooler comes with a black rubber interior that helps keep the can or bottle securely in place. This prevents accidental slipping or movement while drinking.

  6. Clear Lid with Handle: The can cooler includes a plastic clear lid that features a handle. The lid serves to cover the top of the can or bottle, preventing spills and helping to retain the beverage's temperature. The handle on the lid makes it convenient to carry the can cooler around.

  7. Plastic Straw Included: The can cooler comes with a plastic straw, providing an easy and comfortable way to sip your beverages without having to remove the lid.

  8. Versatility: This can cooler is designed to handle both hot and cold drinks, making it suitable for various beverages, such as hot coffee, tea, cold sodas, beer, or refreshing iced drinks.

Using the Sublimation Can Cooler is straightforward: Insert the 16 oz can or bottle into the cooler, secure it with the black rubber interior, cover it with the clear plastic lid, and use the included straw for sipping convenience.

The combination of stainless steel, double-walled insulation, and sublimation printing capability makes this can cooler an excellent choice for personalized gifts, promotional items, and branded merchandise for events or businesses.

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