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Sublimation Tea Towels

Sublimation Tea Towels

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Introducing our blank Sublimation Tea Towels, a practical and customizable accessory that combines functionality with the opportunity for personalization. These tea towels are made from high-quality waffle weave polyester material, offering durability and excellent absorption capabilities.

The Sublimation Tea Towels are specifically designed for sublimation printing, providing a blank canvas for your unique designs, patterns, or personalized artwork. The waffle weave texture enhances the visual appeal of the sublimated prints, creating a stylish and eye-catching tea towel.

The size of the tea towel is 40 x 60 cm (approximately 15.7 x 23.6 inches), providing ample coverage and versatility for various kitchen tasks. The polyester material offers excellent absorbency, making the tea towel perfect for drying dishes, cleaning countertops, or handling hot cookware.

Material: 100% polyester

Recommended Sublimation Temperature and Time: 180C for 60S

for microfibre tea towel :14 x 24 inch ( 61 x 31.5 cm) 


Material: 0ne side is cotton / other side polyester

One side of the lint can be sublimated, and the other side (cotton) can be sublimated.

Temperature suggestion: 220 degrees Celsius, light color 18 seconds, dark color 20 seconds

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